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Bunny Wailer’s Lawyer Speaks Out


By Steve Osaka

David Baram, the New York based attorney representing the Fallen reggae music legend and former member of Bob Marley’s ‘Wailer’s Band’ Neville Livingston popularly known as Bunny Wailer has broken his silence.

Baram has been in charge of Bunny Wailer’s Solomonic Productions Ltd.

He said a commitment was signed with the administrators at Medical Associates Hospital in Kingston for an outstanding bill of $5.27million which is yet to be settled.

According to the lawyer, the bill will be paid from the proceeds of a music licensing deal with VP Records.

Despite the recent outburst by Wailer’s family members concerning his wealth, the lawyer believes that the commitment will be honoured if a deal can be reached out at the 11th hour among the board members of Wailer’s ‘Solomonic Productions’.

“The money necessary for the hospital bill to be paid will have to come from the licensing agreement which was made with Solomonic Productions and VP Records before Bunny passed” Said Baram.

“It is still possible however, some members of the Board of Directors are not comfortable going forward. The record company is anxious to move forward, but until there is a consensus with the board, then the deal is in limbo,” added Baram.

Several family members of the late reggae Singer released a joint statement claiming that Bunny Wailer was being held hostage as they were unable to get a death certificate from the hospital due to an outstanding bill owed to the facility.

They also believe that the bills have been inflated so as to squander monies from the late reggae icon.

Bunny Wailer hailed from Trench Town, and was an original member of The Wailers which also comprised of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh.

Marley died of cancer on May 11, 1981 while Tosh was killed at his St Andrew home on September 11, 1987.

Bunny Wailer’s albums include Blackheart Man and Rock n’ Groove.

He produced hit songs Cool Runnings, Crucial and Ballroom Floor.

In 2017 The Jamaican Government feted Bunny Wailer with ‘The Order Of Merit’ which is the country’s fourth highest honour.

He was again conferred with ‘The Reggae Gold Award’ in February 2019.