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Burma Market closed down as Traders protest arrest of one of their leaders


Traders in Nairobi’s Burma Market on Tuesday shut down their businesses to protest the arrest of one of their leaders.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio news, the traders narrated that one of their leaders only identified as Cheupe had been arrested by  police officers on Monday and has not been seen since.

The traders downed their tools and took to the streets to ask police officers to produce Cheupe whom they say they have been unable to trace since his arrest,

“Cheupe, our assistant Chairman was arrested on Monday. We have tried to look for him in all police stations in the area but we are yet to find him. We have tried calling his number but none is going through.” said one of the traders

The traders also revealed that they are protesting the proposed project to build toilets in the area arguing that they have enough toilets in the market.

“Cheupe was our leader when it comes to opposing this proposed project. Someone went to city hall to  lie that we have no toilets and that they would like to build for us toilets in the market. There are enough toilets here. That space they want to use to build the toilets or stalls is the space we are using as our parking, it is our emergency gathering space in case of a fire and even fire tracks use that path to access the market in case of a fire.” said another trader

The traders are now calling for the release of Cheupe saying that they have even gone to the Inspector general to seek answers but are yet to receive any.