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Bursary scandal as parents without school going children are issued with bursaries

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Shaurimoyo residents in Pumwani ward, Kamukunji constituency are decrying discrimination and corruption in the issuance of bursary funds in the area.

The residents  claim that some of the individuals being given bursaries are people who do not have children in school.

“We know of people who are being given these bursary cheques and do not have children in school. They go with them to the specific schools and after the principal has taken his cut, they are given the rest of the cash,” claimed a resident.

“Some even go as far as hawking the bursary cheques in the estates because they do not have children in schools,” she stated.

They claim that the individuals go to some specific schools collude with the principals who in turn give them cash in exchange for the bursary cheques.

They further claimed that there is a cartel of extortionists demanding bribes from parents at the bursary office located in the chief’s camp.



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