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Buru’s Finest Buruklyn Release Latest Album

Nairobi based drill music group Buruklyn have released their latest album dubbed “East Mpaka London.”

The group 10 rappers which hails from Bururburu Estate has been working on the album for a period of five months. The album has a total of 16 tracks on it.

Buruklyn came to the limelight with their song ‘Nairobi’ which they released a year ago that helped them gain masses for their fanbase. The song currently has over 2 million views on You Tube.

“The name Buruklyn is a reference to New York’s Brooklyn and Buruburu Estate which has been a cool estate from back in the day and we found it like that,”one of the rappers Ajay explained on how they came up with the name for their group.

They use the phrase ‘tano nane’ as a reference to the matatu route from the area to town which is 58.

The group initially started as a hip hop group but later shifted to drill music which is a subgenre of hip hop music that focuses on the day-to-day occurences in the lives of people.

“We will never get signed under any record label, sisi ni independent na tutaendelea kukua independent,”states Ajay and Mr.Right further states that managers are not efficient based on rising stories of managers who have led to the downfall of some music groups in the country.

They recognize America’s YG as the inspiration to their music.

By Stella Anyango