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Busted!lawyer caught watching twerk video in court


A young lawyer has earned himself fame after a video that has gone viral exposed him watching a raunchy twerk video while in court.

The unidentified lawyer was recorded by a fellow colleague who was seated behind him during the court session.

At first glance the young man seems to be busy researching something on his phone as he is seen pretending to be scrolling on the screen.

Kenyans online have since come out to condemn the lawyer but as always others brought an hilarious side to the matter.

Dennis Obura “Hahaha I blame women. Now look how that woman shaking her behind is interfering with serious business”

Babyance Rachael “This human should be arrested,, nkt,,,I hate this country coz of few people ,,,ako hapo bora mshahara yake inaingia tu,,Uhuru must do something kama ameshindwa na kuact aondoke kwa mamlaka raiyaa ndio tunaumia”