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Busy Signal Holds Ganja As He Performs”Boom”With Sean Paul


By Steve Osaka

Jamaican dancehall Star Busy Signal emerged with Ganja at Sean’s Paul’s studio where the latter was having a live video chat with American Rapper Joseph Antonio Cartagena commonly referred to as Fat Joe.

Sean Paul was discussing with Fat Joe his newest album ‘Live n Livin’.

The American rapper praised Sean Paul for working with Busy Signal stating that he was his biggest fan.

“You know Sean Paul you are light-skinned, you are a nice guy, you make big commercial tunes, some might think you’re not the real deal. I know different. You put out a new project and immediately say you rock with the Don Gargon Buju Banton.. But that’s too easy. Where am really impressed is you rock with Busy Signal “Said Fat Joe.

An elated Busy Signal had emerged with Ganja held to his lips as Fat Joe requested him for a collaboration with Sean Paul.

Busy Signal did not disappoint as he dropped his verse with Sean Paul joining the frenzy of their song ‘Boom’.