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But who bewitched women!!!

But who bewitched women!!!

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By Elishifa Wangeshi

During an interview on one of the local TV Stations , A lady who recently  bleached ‘’ Name withheld” Said that she would advice young girls who got low self esteem to go ahead and bleach,and I  held my breath for a minute.

I hate that we are teaching our young girls that they need to be of a particular shape, a particular colour tone and her lips need to be of a particular shape  to fit to some unrealistic society expectations .

We need to focus more on letting the girl child embrace how she looks,let her know that her nose is meant to breath and if she can do that, she  is fine and doesn’t need  any surgery to shape her nose that she doesn’t need to add some ‘’fake buttocks’’ in an effort to get the ‘’curves’’  .

They tell you a light skinned woman attracts men but did not mention that also a section of men are addicted/obsessed to the dark plus size  African woman ( But attracting a man should never  bother you anyway) ,so young girl do not bleach your skin in an effort to attract the male species.

They have used the media and scooped low to use advertisement that degrade the black woman,but do not let that sink in.

life is what you make of it.

Young girl, you need to start loving yourself  just the way you are remember  you do  not  need the curves  to be desired, you will be desired only when you desire yourself .



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