In Summary

  • Netizens have called for the banning of Brian Chira From Social Media after a live masturbation session.
  • He has been branded as a bad influence to the society.
  • He’s out on a 50k bond after being sued by Tik Toker and Content Creator, Azziad Nasenya for defamation.

There’s been outrage with netizens calling for the banning of Tik Toker, Brian Chira from social media after a live masturbation session.

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Many have termed Chira “Sick” for the incident fondly referred to as “Kunyonga Monkey”.

A section also branded him as an agent of same sex relationships.

Fans Reactions

With Brian Chira’s shenanigans spreading like wildfire and so was the bullets pelted his way.

The X  family formerly K.O.T (Kenyans On Twitter) led the onslaught with Chira on the receiving end.

We camped on social media and sampled a few of the reactions.

“Oh No! Mumeona hiyo video ya Brian Chira akinyonga live on Instagram? Where are we heading as a country? Mungu shuka sasa, Its time! Brian Chira needs to be banned completely on social media”

“I can’t even finish watching that Brian Chira’s video. How are we even proud of having him as a Kenyan”

“Sick enroute depression”

“An ignorant fool”

“Juzi supreme court ilihalalisha usenge, We are yet to see more in this God-fearing nation. Brian Chira is just the beginning”

This is not Brian Chira’s first incident with self stimulation, word has it that he started it from TikTok.

Brush With Azziad Nasenya

On July 28th 2023, Brian Chira was nabbed by law enforcers in Nakuru for defaming Tik Toker and Content Creator Azziad Nasenya.

Chira had also shared Azziad’s phone number on the platform resulting to unwarranted messages and bullying.

He was later arraigned at The Kibra Law Courts before paying a bail of 50k.



September 23, 2023

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