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Caltex Bebabeba in Kisii and Kisumu

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The Caltex Bebabeba promotion campaign swept the streets of Kisii and Kisumu, drawing masses of people, to enlighten them on the availability, uses and benefits of Caltex products.

The Caltex coolant and grease are well known in Kisii and Lydia together with Ruth, auto spares dealers of Kisii at Daraja Mbili auto garage attest to that.

They concur that Caltex products maintain the car’s bearing, cleans your car’s system and guarantees the specified long mileage before the next service.

Many dealers and customers who had given up on the availability of Caltex products were glad to hear from the Bebabeba team.

Those who were unaware of Caltex promotion, vowed to start using their products after the information and testimonials they heard through the promotion.

James Ong’ondo, admitted that the Havoline EZY 4T has been particularly helpful beyond satisfactory mileage and great unperturbed engine performance for his motorbike.

“With the Caltex coolant, my engine never overheats.” he added. Four different dealers who had never stocked Caltex products benefited from the information courtesy of the Caltex bebabeba promo and placed their orders for Caltex products immediately.

Others like Otieno and Leonard from Kisumu who have been in the business for long, used to stock Caltex products since the 90’s, but when the company went out of the market they switched to other brands, however through the Caltex Bebabeba promotion they have placed orders for Caltex products as they trust its quality, love its profit margins as well as its cost effectiveness.

Morris of Makasembo garage in Kisumu confessed that other brands have compromised their quality but Caltex has maintained its high quality.

He was glad from the assurance of the promo team that the products will be available and closer to them again. Moreover, he trusts the engine oils for surpassing their mileage prescription such that when replacing oil it’s much clean that its market peers.

In fact, he only replaces the oil during routine service as a formality but otherwise the oil is still clean. He advises other mechanics and car owners to use Havoline and Delo oils for their double mileage and efficiency when likened to others.

Apollo uses Havoline 7000km for its mileage and he says by the time of service he has money. He explains that it preserves his car’s engine, cleans it and removes any deposits. The sales of Caltex oils, coolants, grease and other products are expected to soar exponentially due to the new awareness from the promotion. The next Caltex Bebabeba promo will be in Embu and Meru in the first week of April 2018.




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