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Caltex Bebabeba Promo Team meets The Daring David

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Caltex Bebabeba Promo Team meets The Daring David

The name David seems to be a reserve for those who carry and display their greatness at an early age.

David of Dagoretti corner in Nairobi is an astute welder, skillful with joining metals and forging metallic goods.

The irony and perhaps the surprising fact is that he is only 13 years. To crown the matter, he has not deserted his academic endeavors and schooling for the welding job.

The welding job is what he does during holidays. After learning for some time, he has mastered the art and does a perfect job to the awe of many.

David calls himself an accomplished mechanic, thanks to his father, Simon who has trained him on the job. When he started doing the real mechanic job Caltex played a significant role in building his customers’ trust.

As an upcoming mechanic in the Dagoretti area, clients would doubt his competence at first but he always does his best.

By using Delo and Havoline oil for diesel and petrol engines respectively, his customers keep coming back.

They insist on using Caltex products for their efficiency and pocket friendly prices.

Unlike his age mates who mostly spend their time watching television, he spends time learning and practicing at his work.

David’s father, Simon has over 20 years in his mechanic job and knows Caltex well.

He specializes in rollers, mixers and automotive spare parts. He says, Caltex engine oils ensure 100% engine performance and anyone who desires such guaranteed engine functionality needs to start using Caltex merchandise.

His job as a mechanic has become better with the use of this oil since it’s the oldest in the market and with the best quality of all time.

His clients say, even without the Caltex promo that graced the day, the benefits of the products are indisputable in the market.

His clients like using the lubricants for their engines because the oil preserves the motor pistons and other vehicle parts. He summarily states the benefits of Caltex as three-fold: assured quality, best affordable prices and guaranteed mileage.


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