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Caltex hits Meru Town


Time is limited, with everyone having 24 hours a day. The way one spends their time determines what they achieve and the levels they access in such achievements.

One of the activities that take our time is moving from point to point in going about our daily chores. About a decade ago, bodaboda bicycles were the ideal means of transport for short distances in urban and peri-urban areas.

The village folks also used the bicycles for accomplishing their transport work carrying goods to and from the market and moving farm products.

The challenge with a bicycle is its limit of the weight it is capable of carrying and a lot of strength is required to cycle. The residents of Maua in Meru have had the bicycle experience and know their merits and demerits.

The introduction of motorbikes for commercial use made things better for the residents. All the bicycle bodaboda operators learnt to ride the motorbikes and shifted to using them.

Motorbikes are faster, carry more weight, and require little human strength to move around. Clients’ time taken to move has been reduced twelve times as compared to bicycles.

Kange’tu is a motorbike bodaboda operator and mechanic in Maua Meru. He says that the biggest challenge was getting genuine engine oils.

They grappled and gambled with oils that were not effective often causing engine failure and reducing the lifespan of their bikes. Since he started using Havoline Ezy 4T, he says their bikes move with more power, take on tough roads and have made their rides smooth.

They use the Havoline oil for servicing their bikes, Caltex coolants and Starplex grease. Whereas the previous oils they used never met their prescribed mileage, he states Havoline oil from Caltex is the best and surpasses the rest.

The mileage of Havoline oil is superb. The oil has great viscosity and power of flow, ensuring that metals don’t wear out. Moreover, the oil ensures the bike’s engine doesn’t overheat.

He says, since motorbikes don’t have radiators, they depend on good engine oil and ventilation to reduce heating.

Havoline oil lives up to its reputation and ensures such efficiency. He advises other motorbike operators to use Havoline oils and products because they never let you down.

Since they started using Caltex products they no longer do impromptu visits to the garage. Their bikes work so well and go to the garage only on regular, planned and necessary basis. Caltex has made rides smooth, clients happy the lifespan of motorbikes longer and the journey faster.