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ABDIAZIZAbdiaziz Aden 23, from Korogocho slums, who has final stages of bone cancer has finally reached Mecca, Saudi Arabia for his Hajj (Islamic pilgrimage).

Abdiaziz Aden’s wish to participate in this year’s Hajj (Islamic pilgrimage) in Mecca, Saudi Arabia became a reality after Kenyans on social media once again raised money towards his cause.

Aden’s final wish was to perform the pilgrimage after the doctors in India said his condition had advanced and they could not treat it.

Aden had traveled to India for treatment after managing to raise funds Kenyans through a social media campaign.

The doctors in India had given him three months to live as his cancer had progressed.

Among the people who seen him off for the journey included Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho, politicians Abdulswamad Sharif Nassir, Faris Hadi Rubeya, Yasser Bawazir, Dulla Benz, family,and friends.

Before leaving the country Aden asked for forgiveness from those he wronged and forgave those who wronged him.

The youthful Aden was diagnosed with Osteogenic sarcoma (cancer of the bone) after he was hit by a public service vehicle which led to the amputation of his right limb but his condition worsened with a huge tumor on his head.