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Cancer survivor narrates struggle with Pancreatic cancer


As the world marked the World Cancer day 2019 the statistics show that it is still the most deadliest disease in modern times estimated to kill at least 17 people per minute.

Joan Wangari a survivor of pancreatic cancer says  “being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer was one of the hardest face in my life because my life took a turn for the worse as the cancer affected my daily life badly.”

Wangari says she underwent all the medical procedures which helped her overcome the rare types of cancer allowing her to even safely deliver a healthy baby girl which in most cases is hard once affected with pancreatic cancer.

Dr. Eric Mutuma from Ruai hospital advised Kenyans to stick to healthy living to curb the cancer menace.

”I advise all Kenyans to eat healthy food to avoid contracting disease like cancer because it affects all the people not only the rich and you should also avoid the use of plastic materials which carry bacteria’s for cancer.” He said

Ghetto radio in partnership with Ruai family hospital carried out a free cancer screening at Soweto Social where residents turned up in large numbers to get the free medical services.