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  • Cardi B and Offset Spend Christmas Together With Their Kids After Breaking Up.
  • Hopefully, Cardi and Offset have reconciled and on good terms for the sake of their children.

Rappers Cardi B and Offset spent Christmas together with their kids, following their breakup a couple of weeks ago.

The ‘Bodak Yellow’ hitmaker shared a bunch of videos on her Instagram of her kids opening their Christmas presents.

In one clip, Offset is cheering on his son Wave Cephus to rip the paper off his gift.

The Migos rhymer even assisted him by tearing a piece of the paper with his mysteriously bandaged hand.

Cardi can be heard in the background expressing her joy of seeing her kids opening up their gifts.

The Bronx rhymer also posted a video of Kulture Kiari’s reaction when she opened up her cool gifts.

In another video, which she posted on her IG feed, Cardi shows off separate Christmas trees for her two kids.

Their daughter Kulture had a Hello Kitty tree while Wave had a Baby Shark tree.

In the end, Cardi B and Offset appear to have put their differences aside for the sake of their children on the most wonderful day of the year.


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