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  • Cardi B plays soft while responding to Kanye West’s Illuminati rant about her.
  • Kanye west alleged that Cardi B was pushed to replace Nicki Minaj the said forces.
  • Cardi B and Kanye have a song together which is yet to be released.

US rapper Cardi B played soft on Kanye West following the latter’s “Illuminati rant” about her.

A video of Kanye had emerged online as he ranted over someone who’s influential not only in the C.I.A but also the underworld.

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It’s then that Kanye mentions Cardi B as a product  of the dark world.

“He’s f***ing C.I.A…He’s the Illuminati. That’s why Cardi B is over there, Cardi B is a plant from the Illuminati” States Kanye West partly.

According to the ‘Jesus Walks’ rapper, Cardi B is poorly ignorant of her situation as long as she’s making good money.

Nicki Minaj’s Replacement

Kanye West further alleges that the same Illuminati forces curated Cardi B as a replacement for Nicki Minaj.

Kanye delves deeper into the Illuminati allegations maintaining that the Bodak rapper thinks that the universe conspired in lifting her.

“She thinks it’s a blessing from the universe. Ain’t no blessing from the universe” Kanye continued.

The origin of Kanye’s video is not yet clear, Some believe it’s from his unreleased documentary.

However, Cardi B seemed unperturbed by Kanye’s ‘Illuminati Rant’.

She went ahead and shared a previous interview of Kanye West affirming his allegiance to her.

In the video, Kanye maintains that he believed in Cardi B from the word go.

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This was also in relation to Cardi B as a cast member of Love and Hip Hop back in 2017.

This was the same period when the world got to know of Cardi B.

Her album “Invasion Of Privacy” set the pace followed by “Bodak Yellow”.

Kanye and Cardi B have collaborated in an unreleased song.

Cardi B disclosed that it might premier this year though she did not provide a specific date.


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