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  • Carol Sonnie fills Eve Mungai’s shoes!
  • Netizens have since affirmed that the new voice behind Director Trevor’s first production is Carol Sonnie.
  • It has since been established that Trevor and Eve broke up over a year ago in February 2023.

Mulamwah’s ex-girlfriend, Carol Sonnie seems to have filled Eve Mungai’s shoes in the rebranded channel (Kenya Online Media) after being kicked out by Director Trevor.

Already the rebranded channel has shared out its first production with netizens affirming that the new voice is Carol’s.

In their first episode, Carol digs deeper into the raging split between Trevor and Eve.

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Carol flawlessly gives a blow by blow account on how the couple became a trending topic thanks to their break up.

Broke Up On Feb 2023

With news of their separation still smoking hot, Carol explains that the pair actually separated a year ago.

However, many had come to believe that actually the couple broke up as the new year was ushered.

Carol confirmed that indeed they broke up a year ago and continued working together until Trevor’s bombshell yesterday.

“Did you know that Director Trevor and Mungai Eve actually split and broke up in 2023 February” Explained Carol.

Carol further added that the rebranding took effect while Eve was on a staycation in Zanzibar.

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Who Owns The Social Media Accounts

Many had also come to believe that the social media accounts owned by the now separated couple belonged to Eve.

However, Carol explained that the brains behind the accounts was none other than Trevor who had long established the You Tube channel. At first, Mungai Eve went by the name “Blog 47 News” which was founded by Trevor.

It is said that during that time Trevor was working with another publication and his venture seemed to be in competition with his employer. This is why Trevor brought Mungai Eve on board with the channel rebranded to her name.

Now, to all the people who have been speculating that Trevor grabbed the accounts from Eve, the message is now clear.

It seems that Trevor went for Carol due to her experience as a content creator and her huge fanbase.

Have you listened to the first publication yet? Tell me in the comments section if that’s not Carrol Sonnie’s voicing.

February 20, 2024

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