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Carol Sonnie Tells Mulamwah To Make Peace With Daughter


Things are getting messy between after comedian Mulamwah and his baby mama Carol Sonnie went separate ways.

Mulamwah on an interview claimed that he has been denied access to her 5 month old baby Keilah Oyando.

His baby mama Carol Sonnie however denied the story saying that Mulamwah need to make peace with daughter because of the online drama.

She also claimed that she has since forgiven the comedian and has no problem with him as long as he makes peace with the daughter.

“Mimi my heart is easy, sina shida na mtu yeyote, mimi nishamsamehea, sina any problem with him. But what I would say is that is would want him to make peace with Keilah kwa sababu unajua si mimi anakosea and it is keilah that is why mimi nainsist that I really want Keilah him to make peace with her,” Carol said.

The mother of one said that she will not be changing the baby’s surname even if the two are no longer together.

“Unajua hizi maneno zote zinaboil down to Keilah and not me. Unajua anaweza fikiria ni mimi anaumiza but honestly speaking the person anaumia hapa ni my daughter. I am not going to change her name because siwezi change the fact that he is the dad so there is no point for changing the name. Mimi sina any bad blood with them na mtoto lazima aende atembee,” Carol added.

She further went ahead and asked Mulamwah to put their differences aside and be part of their daughter’s growth.

“I want his presence in Keilah’s life that is the only thing I would ask for. That is the only thing she is missing and siwezi taka agrow kama hajui baba yake ni nani. Siwezi taka kujibu maswali huko I future. I would want him to be there aone ata mtoto wake akigrow because it is a good feeling kukuwa kwa life ya mtoto wako na kumuona akigrow,” she requested.

Sonnie also denied cheating on Mulamwah and also said that the two broke up after their daughter was born.