Cartels Burn Social Hall, Want To Grab It

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Makongeni residents in Nairobi have sounded an alarm over an attempted grabbing of the Makongeni Social Hall serving the community in the area.

Phillip Otieno, Makongeni Social Hall Chairman says that a cartel that wants to grab the hall allegedly burnt it down last year in June in a bid to kick out the youth who are using it.

Otieno told Ghetto Radio News, say that before the arson social hall is being used by the youth who train in activities varying from boxing to karate to dancing to aerobics.

They claim that after the fire incident, area leaders started talking of leasing it to a businessman or church hence locking the youth out.

Another resident says some of them quit crime to explore their talents after many of them had been killed.

They are appealing on area leadership and the county government to swiftly rebuild the hall in a bid to empower the youth.