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Cartoon Comedian throws shade at artist for sending goons to attack her


Content creator Cartoon Comedian has expressed her anger towards an artist who sent goons to attack her.

In a video on her Instagram page, the comedian said that it is high time artists stopped being petty when told how they sound.

She then asked the artists to hire her as a song writer informing people that it is one of her hidden talents.

“Yaani juu tu ya kusema mtu hana vocals wakanitumanishia watu wanipige, Is that right really juu tu ya kusema mtu hana talent juzi tu nimepost mtu hana talent anataka anaitumanishie watu waniharibu sura. Nimeswollen all over the face imeniharibu.Come on its high time we stop being petty ata heri angeniita tungeongea ningemsaidia kuandika lines, it’s a hidden talent I have. Sometimes let’s mature up as artists look at the damage look ata the cost but thanks to makeup I am healing,” Cartoon said.


Cartoon also advised the artist to invest on better goons next time rather than have goons who have no weapon.

Infact walikuja watatu wakakuja adi na mubaba hata wangekuja na mumama, the worst part is next time when you are sending goons please invest on goons, goons wanakuja mkono mtupu only with hands wananipiga na torch wangekuja na gun ingenishaken but too bad work on your goons,” lamented the comedian.

The attacks comes days after Cartoon made fun of the new music released by Diana B ‘Mubaba’.