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Cashy Karimi opens up on why she dumped Khaligraph


Rapper Cashy Karimi revealed in a series of posts over the weekend why she dumped rapper Khaligraph Jones.

Khaligraph and Cashy dated for almost three years before parting ways prompting questions from their fans.

Cashy said that her main reason for walking out of the relationship was because Khaligraph had alot of side chicks and sponsors.

“First of all, it’s all been very hurtful. I’m super zen and everything, but it’s really sad that a woman has to always be at fault in the eyes of society. It’s not something I want to carry around anymore, as such, here’s the truth…I left Brian Ouko I didn’t do any of those extra things that you hear gossip about. Though I can’t say the same about him. I was not the one with a million sides and sponsors. (Among other things) Is it that hard to believe that a self-respecting girl can walk away from a ‘celebrity?’ honestly that’s where a lot of girls go wrong.She said

Cashy also narrated how she received threats from Khaligraph’s family forcing her to report the matter to the police.

“I received a lot of threats after that, not just from him, but his people as well. Some of which I had to report to relevant authorities. I moved on and had a family of my own. Meanwhile, a song was done and a video was shot for it… with the intention of revenge, as petty as that sounds, we all know how reactive and volatile the guy is… later I’ll talk about how I was constantly discouraged from studying and working.. and why that is a poor decision for any girl to make. Doesn’t matter if you’re dating the president of the world. Girls, get educated and get your own bag,” She added

Their break up was made public sometime in 2018 when Khaligraph refused to be associated with her when asked why they weren’t in the limelight together.