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  • Cassypool, Kimbikimbi exchange blows on air.
  • The two are slated for a fight on the 9th September.
  • Cassypool is pro the government while Kimbikimbi is pro the opposition.

Cassypool and Kimbikimbi nearly exchanged blows on air during an interview with Ghetto radio’s Majimaji, DJ Katta and King Kafu.

Cassypool and Kimbikimbi had graced the breakfast show ‘brekko’ to debate on matters of national importance before falling out.

According to Kimbikimbi, Casssypool had shown him disrespect and had to be taught a lesson.

“Tunataka huyu jamaa atuambie mambo ni matatu anamaanisha nini, Wakenya tuko na njaa, tunanyanyaswa, wakenya hatuna amani, mtu anatuambia mambo ni matatu content creator bwana” scoffed Kimbikimbi.

“Tumekuja apa kuongea issues about social life na 24/7 mimi huambia Kimbikimbi hizi maneno za kipumbavu zenye amezoea huko Jacaranda ya kuongelea kuhusu politics awachane nayo…Kimbikimbi kwanza ni chokoraa wa kawaida” replied Cassypool partly.

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Soon hell broke loose as each went for each others neck prompting separation.

Genesis Of Cassypool, Kimbikimbi War

Cassypool and Kimbikimbi first came to the limelight following the disputed Presidential Elections in 2022.

Cassypool is pro the government and uses the moniker ‘Chawa Wa Rais’.

On the other hand, Kimbikimbi is a staunch supporter of Opposition chief, Raila Odinga.

Kimbikimbi is a fierce critic of the government and was in the forefront of opposition led anti-government protests.

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He’s a regular figure at the now infamous Jacaranda ‘Bunge La Mwananchi’.

The two have continued to trade barbs online with each showing support to his side.

However, their beef also brought glad tidings as they have managed to attract corporate endorsements.

Boxing Match

To square their beef, Cassypool will be squaring off with Kimbikimbi on the 9th of August at the Basketball arena Nyayo stadium.

Their match will be a curtain raiser for other professional bouts taking part on that day.

Between Cassypool and Kimbikimbi who do you think will win?

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September 1, 2023

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