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Caucus Of Independent Candidates Does Not Want Losers In Party Primaries


The Independent Candidates Caucus has now criticized the move by the Registrar of Political Parties allowing candidates to register again as candidates within ten days after losing in party nominations.

According Independent Candidates Caucus leader Nairobi David Otieno, the move is undemocratic and it will subject the independent candidates who were never members of political parties to unfair competition.

“I think that is very undemocratic, it is like saying one can move from one party to another. People who want to vie as independent should do so from the word go. I think that is a strategy for actually giving people who have not yet decided on their political future a chance to unfairly compete against  those who were there before,’’ he said.


“I am contesting as an independent candidate from the word go, that is different from someone who loses in a party primary and decides to go as an independent. That even shows the integrity of that particular subject as very wanting. I think it is upon the Registrar Of Political Parties. First of all they have failed to strengthen the list of members to a particular party and the Registrar Of Political Parties should focus on her work to ensure that there is integrity within the political system of Kenya that not giving people lee way that they can go for party primaries and when they lose they come back and vie again as independent candidates,’’ he added.

He has called on voters to reject such candidates saying they have no stand and integrity.

“We are telling voters that such a person is a person who lacks integrity and does not have such an agenda and should not elect such a person because a person who wants to go as a candidate for independent should go from the word go and should not wait till they lose. So we are telling voters to reject those people and vote in those candidates who decided to go as independent from day one,’’ David said.