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CBC Training a New Nightmare for Fresh Teaching Graduates

Government has been asked to make the free Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) Training free to all fresh graduate teachers.

Apparently the free CBC Training is only accessible to teachers from government institutions.

Mercy Siomba from Mathare North who did her Diploma in ECDE exams last year says it has been difficult for her to get a job as she lacks the Competency Based Curriculum skills.

“I think the government should come up with a way to help us so that we can also be accommodated in the CBC program immediately after the course. We have a big problem because as we speak the teaching syllabus does not capture CBC …I have applied for jobs in various schools and have been denied a chance because of CBC,” she told Ghetto Radio News.

The Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT)  has on the other  hand proposed a quick review of teaching syllabus to accommodate the CBC a move that will save teachers  extra costs after graduation.

‘‘We want to ask the government to move with speed and incorporate the CBC skills in our teaching syllabus so that our teachers do not feel an extra pain in their pockets,’’ KNUT deputy secretary General Hesborn Otieno said.

Meanwhile President Uhuru Kenyatta has maintained that the CBC will continue despite the challenges currently facing its progress.

“The challenge of the day calls us to imagine a system that creates responsible citizens as opposed to subjects, a system that celebrates the creative potential of all our children as opposed to one that leaves them with labels of failure if they do not pass exams. A system that brings about freedom to be creative and innovative as individuals,” he said.

The capacity building for CBC teachers has raised concerns with Teachers Service Commission only equipping teachers employed by the government.

By Allan Otieno