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CCTV footage of minor who mysteriously died in school released


CCTV footage obtained at the Mama Lucy Hospital shows that eight year old girl Michelle Jenifer who died mysteriously at the school was taken to the hospital by the school’s principal.

Jenifer’s father Ayub Awino says that his daughter was taken to the hospital in a Toyota Probox and that the girl was in the company of two other people and the principal.

Owino says that from the look of the CCTV footage, the minor was already dead.

“I have confirmed that my daughter was brought to the hospital in a hired car. I identified the principal of the school Mr. Wellington who was carrying the child and from the look, the minor was dead,” says Owino.

The occupants of the car were two male and two female.

Meanwhile Owino has expressed dissatisfaction in the investigation process being conducted to determine her death.

He says that a postmortem exam conducted yesterday by the government pathologist did not give conclusive results.

According to Owino, government chief pathologist Johansen Oduor told them that they still needed to conduct more tests and were taking some samples to the government chemist.

“We were here as early as 9 am. The process started at around 11 am, we had a private doctor that stood in for the family. It took around 2 hours. We met with the doctors, and the doctor told us the findings could not be concluded today,” said Owino.

Owino however questioned why they were not given a copy of the report released to the DCI.

“The other thing we are not satisfied of is that we wanted a copy of the report but the DCI refused to give it us saying that if we wanted it we should move to court. But what if they alter something in the report? “posed Owino.

Michelle Jenifer died mysteriously in school. Her mother who had dropped her in school says that she was shocked to find her daughter missing from the school.

A frantic search of more than five hours led them to the Mama Lucy Mortuary where they found the body.