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CCTV footage shows breastfeeding woman lied about being kicked from Olive Hotel

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The management of Nairobi’s Olive Restaurant has refuted claims that they kicked a woman out of their premises for breastfeeding her baby.

In a press statement delivered at the restaurant’s Accra Road branch on Monday, the management now says the aggrieved woman, identified as Betty Kim, lied to the public as well as the media about what transpired.

The hotel states that the hotel’s CCTV footage does not reveal any incident where the lady was ordered to leave the restaurant for breastfeeding her baby.

The hotel says the lady started breastfeeding her baby 25 minutes after  being served after which she was approached by a waiter with whom they chatted and laughed for about 30 seconds.

The woman reportedly left the hotel after 1.30 without any confrontation from the waiter.

The hotel ihas however stated that they will create space for breastfeeding mums to avert future scandals.



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