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Ce’Cile weighs in on Willy Paul’s online Drama


By Annette Amondi

Jamaican  artiste Ce’cile has been defending Willy Paul since release of their song Sikreti.

Ce’cile at one point said she could not understand why Kenyans were so harsh on Willy Paul adding that she would not publicly attack a Jamaican artiste.

A fan tried to explain to the dance hall artiste why Pozee was facing backlash in Kenya.

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“The thing is that he ventured into the music industry as a gospel musician, which I believe he still is. Confusion, however, comes in when he brags with money, answers online users rudely in the comments section, does collabos with more secular artistes [than gospel singers], uses ‘vulgar’ language… That leaves us, Kenyans, confused. We are not judging; we are just confused,” said the fan.

Responding to Hilson’s post, Cecile said: “Well, he explained it to me, and I liked it. My perception of love and what Christianity is supposed to mean, obviously, differs from yours. I think that is the problem you guys are having. To me, it seems like some people do not agree with what he is saying, which is okay. That, however, does not mean whatever he is saying is trash.”

It however seems Ce’cile has had a change of heart after pozee uploaded a shirtless picture.

“Gospel man, why don’t you put on the clothes before them start pon you again? What kind of hype gospel is this?” she said

After her comment, the post garnered many negative comments forcing Willy Paul to disable the comment section on his post.