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Celebrating fathers in the deejaying industry


Fathers day is a day set apart to honor and celebrate fatherhood, paternal bonds and the male father figure in the society. This year we seek to celebrate fathers in the deejaying industry who are often misjudged as being irresponsible father figures and serial womanizers.

In a field full of fame, fortune, and women who flaunt themselves left, right and center, I seek out three prominent deejays with strong paternal bonds with their kids and families to prove that indeed there are good fathers in this particular field.

Family is paramount according to them and self respect is the main virtue that keeps them going.


Dj chaara.

He is among the head Djs in Kenya’Number One Ghetto Radio 89.5. Dj Chaara whose real name is Jared Wambua is an established dj and a father of two children, a boy and a girl.

Dj chaara, as his fans know him says that his line of work is quite challenging and getting enough time for his kids is tricky.

He mostly works at night and gets home in the wee hours of the morning after club gigs drain him of the quality time and strength he needs with his kids.

However , he makes sure he doesn’t miss his children’s school events, and birthdays despite him not being there for their homework.

According to  dj Chaara, loving his children, providing and caring for them and also ensuring their safety is essential in making him the father they need.

Dj steve jnr

The owner and proprietor of new wave sounds an International sound system he works at night and usually goes to tours all over the world.

Dj Steve junior says it’s all about planning for quality time with his kids.

The father of two boys by his one wife proudly says that djs should not make excuses that working at night make them not to connect with their children.

He further states that his career is a career like any other and so instead of clubbing he focuses on playing music and going back to his family.

Stevo drops his babies to school every day despite working the previous nights, buys them whatever they need and makes sure he is there for their school activities, birthdays  and other important life events.

He brings his children gifts and soveniours from his tours across the globe and makes sure they attend some of the best schools in the country because education is vital for them.

A true and clear definition of a good father.

Dj  bling:

Abel William Maunda is Ghetto radios’ dj and a father to four kids. The oldest is twelve years and the youngest eight months.

He recently established his own deejaying academy known as Bling It On.

It has not been an easy ride for the dj,who, doubles up as a presenter for the afternoon drive show #Goteana on Kenya’s Number Ghetto Radio89.5.

Dj bling says he ensures that after his afternoon drive show, he goes home immediately to check on his children’s homework, and spend time with them. He has dedicated four nights per week to his family as he does not take gigs on those days.

Every Saturday and Sunday is his children’s day out and he makes sure he is with them even if it is for a stroll around the neighborhood or lunch in a posh place.

He disciplines’ his children, and insists that investing for your children is very vital for their well being. Education and health policies have proved to be very important in ensuring the security of his children.

He confesses the only challenge he faces is that the kids are growing so fast and he has to keep up with their growth and meet their needs socially, psychologically and financially.

He further encourages young fathers to purpose and make it work for their families because the children are the future.

We from Ghetto radio wish all fathers a happy father’s day.