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Celebrities expose fake brand strategist using big names to dupe Kenyans

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A section of Kenyan celebrities have come out to expose a fake brand strategist that has been using their names to dupe unsuspecting Kenyans.

The matter was brought to light after former NTV presenter Larry Madowo exposed Wilkings Odinga Fadhili for claiming he is Madowo’s manager.

“I don’t know who this individual is and I’ve never met him. I’m taking legal action so don’t get conned using my name,” wrote Madowo

Singer’s Elani and journalist Betty Kyallo and Victoria Rubadiri have also distanced themselves from the man who claimed to be managing them.

“Hello #TeamElani. We have been notified of a conman named Wilkins Odinga Fadhilii @wilkinsfadhili who has been pretending to be our “brand strategist” and part of our Management team. We would like to inform you and the public that we DO NOT know him, we have NEVER MET… NEVER worked with him and he does NOT represent us, our brand or any of our interests. He has also been accused of pretending to manage the brands of a few other notable personalities.” tweeted music group Elani

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“Just to let anyone concerned about any engagements with Wilkins Fadhili; I wouldn’t want to beat him when he’s already down but what he’s been doing is wrong. He is not my ‘brand strategist’ nor that of Flair By Betty. I asked him to stop using my name but he never listened,” said Betty

@wilkinsfadhili⁩ sits next to me at a function, has a photo snapped and all of a sudden becomes my brand manager. Let me be clear. I am NOT managed by him or any company affiliated with him.” Wrote Rubadiri

Fadhili has since apologised to all who exposed him.

“ I want to apologize @LarryMadowo
Edith and anyone else for using your names. I would love an opportunity to apologize to you personally and sincerely .#NiPossible” he wrote

Fadhili later posted an alarming post that has since been interpreted to be suicidal.

“Goodbye, I’ve made mistakes and now life has no meaning at all, bye everyone,” he wrote