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Celebrities influence on 2022 politics


With the list of celebrities vying for political seats in the 2022 general election growing by the day, I couldn’t help but wonder just how impactful their influence will potentially be in the next government.

The rise of social media has amplified the reach and influence of famous individuals adding a commercial element to their status as they use their popularity to draw in fans and influence them to buy or use particular products turning their audience into a valuable market.

The coming election will demonstrate whether they can in the same way influence policy changes or sway political views in society as influencing political decisions involves more than just swaying public opinion. Of course the said celebrities will first have to convince the Kenyan people that they are the right choice.

This will however not be a walk in the park as with any political aspirant but especially given that celebrities are rarely known for academic brilliance but more often than not considered as sources of entertainment. The bulk of celebrities is made up of actors, comedians, musicians and other individuals who are appreciated for being skilled in arts. Very few Individuals and especially in our society will entrust their ability to influence life changing policy on Individuals with such backgrounds.


The influence of celebrities should however not be undermined as some have led to real changes in society. Kim Kardashian, a socialite, for example nearly single-handedly granted clemency for grandmother Alice Marie Johnson, a convicted nonviolent drug trafficker with a life imprisonment sentence leading to prison reforms in the states. More than that, the United States of America elected a reality star, Donald Trump, to the White house as their president.

Back at home celebrities have also tried to influence policy joining politics such as singer Jaguar and through music  such as King Kaka and Nyashinski  and more recently celebrities such as Makena Njeri, Anita Njeru, Chimano among others came out to strongly criticize the Education Cs Magoha on his take on gay school going children

As celebrities back at home battle it out with their opponents for elective seats and start backing their preferred candidates it sure will be an interesting election year and I can’t wait to see the impact their endorsements will have especially on the younger generation and policy change in general.

 Some of celebrities currently vying for political seats include Jamal Gaddafi, Rufftone, Jalang’o, MC Jessy, Tabitha Karanja,  Alex Mwakideu, Tony Kwalanda and DNG.