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Celebrities panic after wave of social media hacking spree


By Annette Amondi

Ugandan celebrities are panicking over a new wave of hacking spree that has hit their social media accounts.

The hackers are demanding for $4000 in bitcoins fro different celebrities.

Just hours after Zari Hassan lost her account to hackers who were demanding $4000, Comedian Anne Kansiime’s account has also been hacked and they want the same amount.

Taking to YouTube, the popular comedian posted a message saying that someone hacked her and demanded the money.

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She got a call from a friend who informed her of the funny activity in her account


“Yesterday someone hacked into my Instagram account. My Instagram handle was @Kansiime 256 and I had over 250,000 followers. I got a call from a friend asking what was wrong with my account. I get my phone, went to the account and it was showing me zero followers, I’m following zero people and even the profile picture is gone” She said on her YouTube channel.

Being a well sort after comedian, Kansiime said the hacking was a big blow for her since she uses her account to make money.

“I was so scared, my arms were shaking I was sweating, I couldn’t believe I had zero followers on Instagram.” she said.  “Let’s have some mercy we know you came to steal kill and destroy but at least leave me my pictures. I found my account a virgin account, it’s like they got it to factory settings.” She added

On the other hand the hackers who took over Zari’s account have been using it to post photos of her and Diamond in compromising situations and also posted her arch rival Hamisa Mobetto.