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If you have a keen eye on the Kenyan entertainment industry then you probably have noted that the industry is continuing to emulate the western style by the day. Kenyan celebrities in all fields be it music, theater, film and even the new breed ‘socialites’ are in constant battle to out do each other and not just in their areas of work but also in terms of wealth. There was a point in the Kenyan music industry where we all knew that Prezzo was the richest artist in Kenya but then came the “illest and the baddest’ as they constantly refer to themselves.

The industry is full of celebrities who continue to flash their wealth for the whole world to see and rate them with their competitors on who runs the game in town. This on some level contributes to the heavy beef we witness on celebrities every week. Remember the Vera and Huddah range rover stories a few years back when we were just starting to embrace the world of socialites? It all started when Vera Sidika shared a photo of herself next to her gift  a brand new Range Rover 2015 model estimated at 20 million Kenya shillings soon after Huddah got her range, repainted it and then branded it with her name.

well these battles to outdo each other has given birth to a new breed of Nairobi’s ‘wannabes’ a.k.a the rich kids of Nairobi or are they  just rich online. Remember Joe Muciri in 2015 when he was unmasked by socialite Huddah after he kept showing the Netizens his ‘spending prowess’. Huddah claimed that Joe takes photos with light skin chics whom he cannot afford  and borrows his rich friend’s expensive rides to take selfies in and post online.


If you have an Instagram account I bet you have probably come across the many “rich kids of Nairobi’s’ accounts, The ‘Slay queens” Those who flash their ‘wealth’ online and party on Friday and Saturday but cannot let the world breath from the moment they set foot in a club (thank God for those who black out, liquor is not for the faint hearted). The Instagram live stories of them wanting to show you how your good for nothing self is broke staying at home while “the world” is out clubbing are just unbearable and not for those of us who fell in love with our blankets from day one. They sadly do not know that those good for nothings sleep better than them and wake up hangover free.

I guess we are all just trying to get somewhere in this journey called life so until next time, don’t forget to “FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT.”




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