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Chali Wa Kibera In Fresh Beef With Brown Mauzo

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Manzi wa Kibera’s manager Chali Wa Kibera has dissed musician Brown Mauzo for not trending even after dating socialite Vera Sidika.

Taking to his Instagram page, Chali Wa Kibera said that the musician missed his child’s gender reveal party for clout but still hasn’t managed to get to half a million views.

He also added that when Otile Brown was dating the socialite, his songs were trending with over 5 million views.

“Brown Mauzo mziki imekushinda achana nayo, Otile Brown alikuwa anadate huyu dame alikuwa anapiga 10million, 5 million views. We unamiss mpaka party ya mtoi wako unatoa ngoma na hata 500k ni noma,” said Chali wa Kibera.

He even advised the musician to drop singing, buy land and start planting maize instead of wasting money on music.

“Mziki imekushinda Mauzo mziki imekataa unalazimisha hiyo pesa si tukanunue shamba tulime mahindi,”added chali wa Kibera.

Manzi wa Kibera who was invited by Vera Sidika to represent the fans to the gender reveal party has said that she has no connection with what the manager has said.

The upcoming socialite said that Chali Wa Kibera is no longer her manager and she would rather not have a manager rather than loose friends.

“Chaliwakibera is no longer my manager I have unfollowed him and deleted all the pictures we ever took together. I am posting this video to inform you guys that am not part of his video dissing mauzo. I’d rather loose all the fame and nikue bila manager but will not entertain people who are disrespectful to the people who mean so much to me,” wrote Manzi wa kibera.

Brown Mauzo failed to attend his child gender reveal party and released a video dedicated to socialite Vera Sidika weeks later.

The song ‘utanizalia’ was released last week and is trending at number twelve with 500,000 views.


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