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Chaos Again At Nairobi County Assembly As Jubilee MCAs Go Physical


Chaos, mischief and drama seem not to have ceased at the Nairobi County Assembly.

Today, police had to forcefully eject the MCAs, staff and journalists from the assembly premises after it was marred again with  house leadership wrangles.

Embattled majority leader  Abdi Guyo  first met two  goons at his office at around 6am before  he was confronted by another faction  led by Dandora 3 MCA Charles Thuo who claims to be the majority leader-elect.

Drama started when Guyo’s team used pepper spray to disperse the rivals .

It is at this point that the Police had to move in to restore calm.

But a few minutes later at around  11.30 am Thuo struck again with his team, this time now forcing the police to lobe teargas inside  Gusyo’s office  forcing Guyo and his supporters to run for their safety.

Speaking to the media Guyo rubbished claims that he was ousted arguing that no proper procedure was followed and  that he is being fought politically by speaker Beatrice Elachi.

‘‘I want to challenge those who want me out of office to call for a jubilee members caucus let them follow the law and eject me. But for now what happened is unlawful and chreographed by Elachi am here to stay because i am the majority leader,’’said Guyo.

Meanwhile Thuo maintains that he was duly elected by the Jubilee members and that they followed the law.He says Guyo is out to retain what  is not  his.

‘‘We  followed the law. Sigantures were collected in Naivasha we presented them to the party and to the speaker. We want to tell Guyo that this office belongs to the government the only office he is remaining with is that of Matopeni.’’

Central police station OCS Simon Kerich has  now taken charge of security at the assembly  building.