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Chaos in Ruai Police Spray Body Of Conductor With Bullets


ruaiChaos have erupted in Nairobi’s Ruai area after police sprayed a conductor with bullets killing him instantly.

Eye witnesses say police arrived at the bus stop along Kangundo Road where the conductor was working and started shooting in the air then shot the conductor in the head then spraying his body with bullets.

According to witnesses, the police connected the murder of the conductor to an alleged harassment of passengers that happened yesterday of which the conductor was involved.

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“Simo was innocent, he was not involved in any incident yesterday. What happened is that a Forward Traveler Bus Conductor was involved in the harassment of passengers yesterday. I am told the conductor hit a passenger on the head and the passenger was was stitched with 19 stitches at the hospital,” narrated an eye witness.

“When the police came, they first took the bus that the said conductor was working on when he harassed the passenger but then returned and started shooting in the air. Simo was with us and other conductors when one police officer shot him in the head,” said the witness.

According to him, when the he fell under a bridge along Kangundo Road, the said officers followed him again and shot him six times.

The police then took his body prompting the matatu conductors to start a demonstration.