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This is What The Characters From Narcos Look Like in Real Life. (Pics)

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nacoEverybody is happy that the season 2 of Narcos is finally available on Netflix. Following the life and exploits of Pablo Escobar, the criminal kingpin, is very satisfying and we’re not too sure why. Perhaps it’s because at the height of his empire he was making about $60 million per day?

Since the beginning of this show, people are wondering what do the characters of Narcos look like in real life? Below you’ll find a list of a couple of characters with a little bit of information about them, but not too much. If you want to find out more about their lives, google it!

Pablo Escobar.

The casting on this one was amazing, as the actor looks just like the real man. He also plays him brilliantly too. Pablo Escobar made a fortune by selling drugs and his profit on each kilo of cocaine was absolutely insane.

Narcos actor Wagner Moura :
Real Life Pablo Escobar

Javier Pena.

Javier Pena was a DEA agent and he was one of the lead investigator in the hunt for Pablo.

Narcos actor Pedro Pascal
Real Life Javier Pena

Steve Murphy.

Steve worked with his colleague Javier in he hunt for Pablo Escobar. He also had gracious facial hair.

Narcos actor Boyd Holbrook :
Real Life Steve Murphy :


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