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Charges TV Anchor Jacque Maribe might face tomorrow


TV anchor Jacque Maribe is likely to be charged with being an accessory to murder and illegal possession of a firearm on Monday.

This follows her arrest on Saturday after she was grilled more than two times by detectives.

A search into Maribe’s house saw detectives recover a live bullet under Maribe’s bed.

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Apart from the live bullet the detectives also recovered charred clothes behind Maribe’s house.

The clothes are believed to belong to be the ones Maribe’s fiance Joe Irungu wore when he allegedly murdered business woman Monica Kimani.

Maribe might also be charged with unlawful possession of a firearm should the ballistic tests confirm the pistol found at her neighbour’s house matches the bullet found under her bed.

If convicted, Maribe faces not less than seven years and not more than 15 years in jail.