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Charity Work Saves Lil Wayne Jail Term


American Hip hop Rapper Dwayne Michael Carter Jr,commonly referred to as Lil Wayne is among famed personalities who have benefited from Former US President Donald Trump’s pardon in his last day in office.

The Rapstar had been found in possession of a rifle and bullets when his private jet was searched in Miami in December 2019.

The offense attracts up to ten years in prison.

Wayne is regarded as one of the most successful stars in the rap world,having five US number one album with top forty singles, a fete only rivaled by Drake.

Wayne’s pardon was championed by the Chief Executive of Wine and Spirits company sovereign brand.

He described Wayne as “Trustworthy,Kind hearted and generous for his commitment to variety of charities including donation to research hospitals and food banks.

Wayne appeared to endorse Trump for a second term praising the latter’s work on criminal reform.

Closer was Wayne to Trump that the Rapper spent a good time at The Doral Golf Club in Miami