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Check out this Umoja Nganya with 20 TV Screens and PS5 – PHOTOS


Just two weeks after a matatu in Umoja hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons, another one is making headlines again.

This time round its is for all the right reasons.

Christened Hell Heaven, the Nganya, as all pimped up matatus are referred to is estimated to cost Ksh. 7 Million.

Hell heaven that plies the Jogoo Road route reportedly has 20 TV screens, including one that is connected to a PS5.

Online analysts claim that the money used to pimp Hell heaven is worth two more matatus.

They have also questioned the source of the money used to pimp the matatu and if all it returns the cash invested in it.

“The accessories costs van purchase one new plain mat… Meaning it is worth 2 plain mats…. would it make more money that 2 plain  star bus mats? I highly doubt also the resale value? Conclusion… Suspicious,” said Marcia Nita.


“Do they return money used for investing on all graffiti and everything ama ni money laundering?” Waitherero Wa Nyambura stated.

Some are however all for the ride describing the nganya as phenomenal.

Mat3 industry in Nairobi be should studied, its phenomenal – Rono