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Check Out Vera Sidika’s New Two Storey Building (Pics)


vera boobs2Many people have been complaining about “Njaanuary” forgetting that eventually the month would have  come to an end irregardless of its hardships.Now February is here and despite everyone calling it an extension of January,it has started with a rosy vibe for Vera Sidika.

So apparently,the queen of socialites who is also a TV reality star is now a proud owner of a two-storey house.

Spilling everything to the public on her Instagram,Vera has revealed shocking details of her past life in Kahawa Wendani.

If you didn’t know,Vera first came to Nairobi in 2008 when joining Kenyatta University for her tertiary education(which she might have never completed-thanks to the fast fame and money) and rented a room at Kahawa Wendani for 3,500 Kshs,further disclosing how the cheap room served as her Bathroom,Kitchen,Dining and everything.

In her latest post Sidika proudly speaks of God’s doing and the elevation she is experiencing following the completion of her two storey building.

Built in a modern design, the Sidika building is one to die for.

“Life is indeed a journey, you never wake up & have it all perfect! You need to feel the struggle & pain & be Patient before seeing better days. I remember when I came to Nairobi I used to live in a bedsitter in Kahawa Wendani Ksh. 3,500 monthly. It was the Living Room, Dining, Bedroom,Kitchen,Bathroom all in one squeezed space…and today Ksh. 3,500 is what I’d use on call credit daily. See how God works! Prayer; Major Key,” she captioned a photo.

Vera’s house possession is nothing new on the socialites business as her nemesis Huddah just moved in to her 50 million house after clearing her mortgage fee.

And by the way…did you read the part that reads,3500/- is what she uses as her call credit daily?

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