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Chiko Lawi Goes On A Rant At Damian Marley’s Arrival (VIDEO)

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Drama ensued at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on Monday after reggae super star Damian Marley arrived in the country.

Damian is claimed to have ignored a fan who wanted him to take a selfie with her kid because he was too tired. This angered Capital FM’s Chiko Lawi who had shared the same plane with the Jamaican singer.

Lawi told the singer off saying it was not cool. He claimed that Damian insulted his mother after he intervened and he just couldn’t let him get away with the grave offense.

“Damian Marley just ignored a young fan with her daughter because he is too tired! I just could NOT hold it back…especially when his people said f* my Moms….I almost became physical yo!!! This is Kenya….a*hole! ??Forget Jamrock….Welcome to the 254! Here, I can keep it real…. …and y’all about to criticise me…..WHATEVER….He brought my Mother into it. ?????? Sauti Sol na Nyashinski have never insulted me….so….??” Chiko Lawi wrote on Instagram.

Lawi’s colleague Soulo came to his defence in an online post saying that before anyone judged Chiko Lawi or picked sides they should at least look at both sides of the story.

Lawi then uploaded a video of himself verbally abusing Damian as they left the airport.

The Reggae superstar is in Nairobi to perform at a concert this Wednesday.



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