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Child Trafficking Racket Hatched In Mathare Slums


Children officers in Mathare Slums have hatched a child trafficking racket run by a woman in Mathare slums.

Peter Mutunga a children rights activist says the woman by the name Hadija Ndambala had kept two children in a house with the intention of trafficking them to Ethiopia.

Mutunga says they followed a tip off from the public and found those two children locked in the woman’s house.

“Two children were hijacked last week by a woman name Hadija Ndambala, the report was brought to us and we followed it up and found them locked in a house,” says Mutunga.

“Upon questioning them, the children told us that the owner of the house wanted to take them to Ethiopia and they had been warned not to tell anyone. We then took them and reported the matter to Huruma police station where it is currently being followed up,” he said.