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Children in Kisumu turn to odd jobs as parents waste away in illicit brew


By Jacob Oluoch

A section of Kisumu residents are protesting against the sharp increase of brewing and consumption of illicit brews that has rocked the area.

The residents drawn from Manyatta and Kondele areas say that the situation has forced small children to turn to casual jobs since their alcoholic parents are unable to provide for them.

James Onyango a resident of Manyatta area says that young children are forced to do odd jobs like plastering mud houses as their parents waste away in the illicit brews.

According to Onyango that some consumers have also died from consumption of the illicit brews

“Some children have been orphaned because of this illicit brew. Some parents are not in a position to take up their responsibilities as they are always high on illicit brew. This has forced the young kids to look for odd jobs as a means of survival,” said Onyango.

According to Onyango, the problem has been persistent for at least five years now.

“The illicit brew (Changaa) and high consumption has been here now for five years. No serious actions have been taken by the local authorities. So far we’ve lost five individuals and insecurity is at its peak,” he said