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Children Officers To Conduct Raid On Children Who Have Not Gone Back To School


Children officers within Manyatta and Kondele areas in Kisumu County are planning to conduct a raid on school pupils who have not gone back to school.

Joseph Owuor a children’s officer within Kondele Location says that he has received many cases of children who have not gone back to school.

Owuor says that the raid which is expected to be conducted today in Manyatta, Kondele and Migosi areas, seeks to ensure that the pupils have gone back to school.

“Right now what I have seen here today is that, a good number of children have not joined form one, some have not joined class 8 some have not joined class 7,” said Owuor.

Owuor says that some of the cases have been reported by the pupils themselves who claim that their parents are unable to take them to school.

“A child should go to school whether the parent has the money or not for the purposes of learning and that should be the policy of the government,” he said.

Owuor says that he will conduct ithe raid with the help of the area chief and assistant chief.

During the raid, he will try and establish the reason as to why these children have not gone back to school.


“The parents will be brought on board so that they can explain to us why the children are not in school, if it is something that is light, then the children will go back to school from tomorrow but some will go even from tomorrow,” he said.

Owuor has warned that some of these children risk engaging in social vices like crime if they do not go to school.

“Even right now there is what we call burglary. It is very common here, snatching women’s purses… are some of the reports we will be handling if these children have not taken their children to school,” said Owuor.