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Chilling Story Of Eastlands Robin Hood (Hessy Wa Dandora)

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Before they die, they are warned. This is an exclusive about a modern day robin hood in today’s Nairobi’s  Eastlands area specifically Kayole and Dandora.

He is indeed a mystery. No face to his name,yet Hessy wa dandora is a celebrated underground hero in Kayole and Dandora in that he gets information on thugs, warns them on social media to stop their criminal ways and to drop any weapons especially guns to any local church or

A sample of one of his Facebook posts, where he warns criminals against crime

police station in order to get amnesty.

If the thugs do not heed to his call, in a few days time they are found dead just like he foretells in such posts.

 According to his face book account he quotes the bible, the book of Hosea, 4:6, from where he gets his name Hessy and warns the youth to stay out of crime before it’s too late.

He is a popular figure in the face book page” Dandora Love” and “Kayole my kingdom”, the youth in the pages praise him for trying to make their hoods safe again while others bid for his blood claiming that he is a sellout, a snitch and dare him to expose himself, if he means well to the society.

However, the question remains who is Hessy? Is he a cop is, he a thug? Is he a police informer? Or is he just an individual who wants young guys dead? Is he a person who just out to see a crime free hood?

Here are some of his posts that warn,and expose the goons who are later gunned down by the administration or mob justice.

Do you think what he does is fighting crime or just is he just an attention seeker?




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