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Chilling Story On How Woman Was Slashed On The Face Severally By Husband

Pictures Of Diana Kamande After Her Husband Violently Abused Her

Gender based violence victim Diana Kamande today shared her chilling story on her husband of 10 years attempted to kill her for a reason she cannot explain.

Kamande a mother of two narrated to Ghetto Radio News how her husband came home one evening in bad moods, took all the keys to the house including the spare then left.

“He was so much in a bad mood that when the kids went to receive him like they usually did he sent them away telling the to go back to their mother”.

“When he took all the keys he walked out without any word.Though my househelp thought things were not right, I didn’t take it so serious. I told her it’s his house he could do what he wanted”.

“One and a half hours later he was not back and I thought of checking on him. So I called, thrice, he did not pick.I sent him a message telling him that were going to sleep,he did not respond.”

“In the middle of the night, I woke up to a feeling so warm on my face,blood was oozing. Then I noticed someone in my room using his phone to light around.”

Kamande thought thieves had broken into her house. “I wanted to call my husband, but I thought he initially had not picked my call, so I didn’t make the call”.

Before reaching the bed switch to put on the lights she felt another pain on her head,this person slashed her. “ I manged to switch on the lights. My husband was standing there holding a Maasai sword ”.

“I asked why he was using the sword on me. The only response he gave was going to kill the whole family”.

Kamande whose pictures went viral on social media, says it is her husband called to inform her parents what had transpired and directed them to prepare for a funeral of four people.

“At that time I fell down and pulled myself under the bed, probably he thought I was dead already.”

“I heard my daughters scream leading. I made an effort to get to the room only to find him holding my younger daughter with a knife in his hand.”

“I sturtled him and the knife fell because he wasn’t expecting to see me”.

Kamande says her parents,sister and her brother in-law came in time to rescue her from the man who all sudden turned into a stranger. “I learnt later that my husband stabbed himself after we left”.

Kamande who is now working with a Gender Based Violence Organization is now urging women to speak up against domestic violence.

She says that Kenyans should make use of the Protection Against Domestic Violence Act that was signed into law in 2015 which seeks to recognise that domestic violence in all forms is unacceptable behaviour.