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Chilling Video Of Woman Attacked By Machetes, Guns In Rongai

A woman was on Sunday night attacked by six armed robbers as she drove into her house in Gataka, Rongai in Kajiado County.

The six thugs caught on CCTV were heavily armed with a pistol, an AK47 and a machete.

The chilling video shows one of the thugs breaking the lady’s car with a machete as the woman unsuccessfully attempts to drive away.

The masked thugs the order the woman into her house and order her into her room.

The thugs are then seen on the CCTV footage picking some valuables from the house.

The incident has caused a huge uproar among Kenyans with many calling for beefing up of security in the entire Rongai area.

“A young lady was ambushed by six armed robbers immediately after she drove into her compound in Rongai. As seen in the CCTV footage, the thieves were armed with handguns, machetes and an AK47 rifle,” said Robert Alai.

“From that Rongai robbery clip going round it’s only fair to say; Police or ex-military guys have decided to rob the same people they should be protecting because the way that guy was handling that AK 47 that’s not an amateur. Also who goes to steal a sound bar with an AK 47?” RitchiePreach wrote.