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Chimano Says Covid-19 Pandemic Made Him Know His Potential


Sauti Sol band member Chimano has opened up on how covid 19 made him record his individual projects.

Just like the other band member, Chimano is currently working on his solo projects while still working on the group projects.

He said that the pandemic was a chance for him to unveil his potentials as a solo artist outside the band.

“So 2020, everyone was at home and there was a lot of introspection. Each one of us in Sauti Sol has ended up doing their own individual projects, but speaking for me this was just a chance for me to actually record and to see what I can do for myself by myself, to see what kind of artist I can be by myself, because I have always been in a group dynamic really so you know in this moment I was like just like “Wait, what can I do with myself?” Chimano said.

Chimano who declared he is gay said that going solo made him believe in himself compared to how he was in the group.

“This release process has made me totally 150 percent believe in myself. It’s surreal for me because now I can fully create, I’m listening to myself on a song from beginning to end, and now it’s a whole project. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do but then was scared of maybe how it was going to sound, and whether it was going to be good at all, whether it was something that I would listen to and just be like “Oh damn, ok sis you’re doing it.” He added.

He went ahead and said that the solo projects made them know each other’s strengths and weakness.

“It makes me a better artist for Sauti Sol, and everybody now understands. Even within the four of us, now we totally understand. We’re just like “Oh ok, I didn’t know you could do this… Oh damn Savara ok, that’s amazing… Ok Chimano, come through, we get it…” So it’s making me feel all sorts of feels,” Chimano said.