China Fish Hit Gikomba Market

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CHINA FISHFish mongers in Gikomba are now compelled to flood the market with China Fish to address a deficit in the number of fish from their main suppliers of Lake Victoria.

The Fish mongers say the China fish are easily accessible for the Fish mongers as they are just bought from Kariokor market in packed carton box which carries approximately 36 fish at a cost of Ksh 2,500 and can earn you a profit of Ksh 300.

“The fish from China has saved us from a lot of hustle because you just go to Kariokor market and get it in cartons as opposed to before when we had to wait longer for fish from Kisumu. We are happy because we are making a lot of profit from it,” said the fish mongers.

Employment of youths has been realized since the inception of the fish in the market and also many fish mongers are relieved that they can still retain and maintain doing their business.