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China MEN Are Now Renting SECOND-HAND SEX DOLLS Via A Shocking New App

"With one touch of a key, you are no longer single!”- Touch Manufacturers

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By Wyclif Musau (Kapedo Junee)

Chinese-based company has launched a new app by the name ‘Shared girlfriend’

A Chinese sex toy manufacturer,Touch has launched an app by the name “Shared Girlfriend” which is now letting customers rent their hyper-realistic plastic partners for up to a week.

It has been revealed that using the app, you can now order the doll you want and reserve it for a few nights of passion

Reports have it that you can have the doll delivered to your home, and even choose for your plastic lover to be “warmed up” before she arrives for the ‘midnight duty’

The Prices starts at 35 pounds per night to rent a doll, with a full week of passion costing 147 pounds, on top of a 911 pounds refundable deposit.

The Prices starts at 35 pounds per night, to rent a single doll

However, once customers are done with their silicon-made lovers, and presumably after they’ve been thoroughly washed, other men  can use the app to borrow the same sex toys.

Describing their new app, manufacturer touch said: “With one touch of a key, you are no longer single!”

The sex toy industry is booming in China, thanks to a whopping gender imbalance caused by a historical preference for male children in the country.

It’s now becoming ‘pretty hard’ for Chinese men to find girlfriends, so they’re are turning to the artificial embrace of plastic partners instead.

The “girlfriend”-sharing app was launched yesterday, when it was showcased alongside a number of products made by Touch, a company based in the city of Xiamen in the South-East of China.


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