Chinese contractors pour goat blood on road irk Kenyans

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By Annette Amondi

A video showing chinese contractors pouring goat blood on a yet to be constructed road has rubbed Kenyans the wrong way.

In the undated video, road construction workers are seen slaughtering two goats, one white and the other black using a machete under the supervision of a Chinese man.

The construction workers then carry the goats along either side road, spilling blood in the process.

Kenyans online were annoyed by the video saying such was a satanic ritual and blamed road accidents on search incidences.

Others went on to speculate where the road was constructed while many urged religious leaders to pray for our roads.

“This is demonic and must be rebuked in the name above all names!! The name of Jesus Christ our Lord…Amen! Indeed we must plead the blood of Jesus on our roads!” said Njoki Maina

Hey! Those guys should be taken to task to explain the motive behind the slaughtering of an animal at the roadside” wrote Wesley Cheruiyot

While Oscar Waks Waks said “It happened in Utawala some years back and actually several people died of accidents after the completion of the road. The deaths stopped when Pastors joined hands and prayed on the road”